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Proofreading is your final stage of your editing process. It is also important because the main concern for proofreading is the grammar issues in writing which can be found in many papers including professional journals or published books because it is always difficult to catch minor errors. It is also true that computer typing can cause troubles because it can be difficult to see them when you are working on your own paper. For example, when writing using your keyboard, the auto spelling will correct some unrecognized spellings. In some other cases the computer cannot recognize mistakes such as typing "tow" instead of "two" because both words are spelled correctly, though it is not the right word. Overall, never trust auto corrections to fix such issues. Proofreading is always a good option to finalize your final paper.

AETES 24 will examine your paper thoroughly and will fix all misspelled words, punctuation errors, and grammar mistakes to make sure that your paper is free of grammatical errors. When proofreading is requested, AETES 24 will examine your paper using the following criteria:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar mistakes

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